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    SDMO®, the energy partner of DATA CENTERS

    The French Leader and the world’s 3rd-largest manufacturer of generator units, SDMO® designs and develops efficient solutions giving access to energy, suitable for every configuration, even the most complex ones. Already recognized for its expertise in the development of power plants to ensure the security of computer data, SDMO® is sponsoring this year’s Data Center Dynamics Converged 2013 show, which takes place on June 11 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris (17th arrondissement).




    That is an opportunity to take another look at the excellent record of the French manufacturer in terms of designing systems providing access to reliable, stable and continuously available power systems. Expertise that has already been amply demonstrated many times around the world.



    SDMO®, a partner capable of meeting any energy challenge

    Pursuing a growth strategy focused on innovation, SDMO® adapted very early to the ICT sector, with backup emergency generator units specially designed to ensure the security of companies’ computer data managed by Data Centers.

    Relying on the expertise of its engineering department, SDMO® develops efficient, flexible and innovative solutions giving access to energy, tailored to Data Centers’ absolute requirement for a continuous electricity supply.


    For these highly specific applications, SDMO® designed custom systems, with configurations and power output that are ideally suited to the real needs of data storage centers. Each project

    is managed holistically, from design studies to commissioning, via the design of the generator, component supply and installation... SDMO® thus offers ultra-secure solutions, capable of ensuring the continuity of exceptional infrastructure activities worldwide.


    Impressive references


    An SDMO® generator in the heart of one of Europes largest trading rooms


    In 2012, to meet its needs for expansion, Société Générale, one of the leading and longest-established French banks, inaugurated a new 43,000 m2 office building in the business district of La Defense, near Paris. This tower, which has been dubbed Basalt, now accommodates about 3,500 employees and one of the largest trading floors in Europe. It is equipped with a backup power plant consisting of SDMO® generator units.

    SDMO® is no novice when it comes to Data Centers, and it is familiar with Société Générale too! Completed in 1995, the old Alicante and Chassagne office buildings are equipped with 4 grid-connected SDMO® generator units of 3,125 kVA, and 2,600 kVA units backing up and covering peak day loads for the 8 floors of underground car parks. The Granite building, operational since 2008, has

    3 SDMO® generator units of 2,500 kVA for the office part, and emergency generator units of 650 kVA for the underground car park.

    The Basalt building, meanwhile, has a backup power plant in case of failure of the main power supply to the trading rooms, connected 24/7 all year round to global financial markets. The power plant consists of 6 X2500C generator sets, each with a capacity of 2,500 kVA, coupled together. These units are equipped with an MTU 16V4000G63 engine and Leroy Somer LSA53S75 single-bearing alternator. Each generator set has a dual start-up system (electric and pneumatic). Which really makes this a building with maximum energy security...


    New generation Data Center: SDMO® backs up the sites power supply

    The European leader in collocation, data centers and managed services has a new highly secure infrastructure in Saint-Denis, near Paris (France), to cope with all potential issues of security, power failures and its customers’ connectivity. Looking more like a bunker, the "new generation" data center is more reliable and more energy-efficient than its counterparts dating from the previous generation.

    This center is strategically positioned close to one of the main European financial markets, and is the first to supply electricity at medium voltage (20,000 volts) inside the building. Its 4,200 m2 of space is equipped with the latest technology and the electric power available is over 2,000 watts m2.

    To meet the exacting reliability requirements imposed by its customers, and to avoid any break in service, including during maintenance or upgrading of the site, the center is equipped

    with a power plant consisting of four SDMO® generator sets of 3,025 kVA. As well as the double EDF mains circuits, the redundancy of the inverters, cooling systems and generator sets provides optimum security to the site.

    Note: the 4 generator sets can be increased to 7 according to the changing needs of the power consumed on site.



    IBM Business Continuity & Recovery Services provides continuity of its customers business activities, anywhere in the world...

    IBM Business Continuity & Recovery Services assists clients in implementing solutions to ensure that their critical activities keep running and their resources remain available under all circumstances. The company’s emergency centers are based on increasingly efficient resources: secure computer rooms, advanced equipment, optical fiber connectivity, redundant inverters and generator sets...

    The global leader in information technology and services has equipped its data center infrastructure, which are able to deal with modern-day strategic issues in terms of operational business continuity: with emergency power plants enabling it to cope with possible power outages. IBM used SDMO® to supply these facilities, as well as for the quality of its consulting and engineering services. During the expansion of its Collégien site in the Paris region, the company has acquired an SDMO® backup power plant with 3 X1850C type generator sets in concrete containers, known for their excellent performance in terms of noise level, longevity and integration into the site.

    In Montpellier, the SDMO® power plant consists of four generator sets of 1,500 kVA and three sets of 1,000 kVA, installed in soundproof containers fitted with a step-up transformer and a grid connection system.




    5 x 2,500 kVA of backup in the Paris region for the data processing center of a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group


    In the Paris region, the data processing center of a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group is equipped with an SDMO® electricity generation system. The installation of the system was carried out without power cuts in the computer rooms.

    The 1,250 m2 data processing area and the offices are backed up by the system. It consists of five generator sets of 2,750 kVA (including one set operating redundantly for the 4 others) with temporary coupling to the grid: as soon as EDF’s mains supply goes down, the power generation system is started, and backup is provided within 15 seconds.

    These units are equipped with an MTU 20V4000 engine and a Leroy Somer alternator. The center also has Kerys Iroise control cabinets for controlling the power, synchronization and coupling, designed by SDMO®.


    High-tech and enhanced security! 20 x 2,000 kVA in the new Data Center of the largest French banking group

    The construction of this dual computer center started in France during 2010. Covering an area of 14,000 m2 each, these centers host the group’s large mainframe computer systems.

    The back-up power supply of these sites is achieved through the installation of SDMO® backup generator systems. Each site was equipped, in the first phase, with 2 generator sets of 2,200 kVA with HVA coupling at 15 kV (with the option to switch to 20 kV). These plants will, in a second phase, be extended to five generator sets of 2,200 kVA. The modular and upscaleable architecture adopted in the design of the site ensures improved energy-efficiency while enhancing operational risk management and cost optimization.


    16 x 2,000 kVA: ultra-secure backup power for a Data Center in England!

    While most critical sites usually opt for a system of redundant generator sets of n+1 or n+2, so that in the event of a shutdown (during maintenance, for example), the site has the power required; for this backup, the system chosen is 2(n+1)!

    This backup system is very representative of the level of security required in the banking sector. The site is divided into two half backup power units, consisting of four sets of bars of 2 generators each, interconnected by motorized circuit breakers.

    The total installed capacity (16 x 2,000 kVA) is 2.5 times greater than the total power required, which proves, once again, the importance of electric power for this type of application. In addition, the output voltage is 11 kV.



    In England, two half backup plants of 4 x 2,000 kVA for a major U.S. bank

    In England, one of the major players in the banking sector used SDMO® (specifically its UK subsidiary SDMO® Energy Ltd) to equip its premises with emergency generator sets to compensate for any failures in the national grid and secure its backup system and data access.

    The site, located in West London, has two half power plants of 4 SDMO® generator sets of 2,000 kVA (1,600 kW) installed in soundproof containers. The acoustic treatment of the facility was the subject of a careful design study to achieve a very low noise level: 69 dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter. These units are equipped with an MTU 16V4000 engine and Leroy Somer LSA 51.2M60 alternator. The automation is provided via Kerys Tactil control panels that allow the coupling of the two half power plants.

    This way, in the event of a power failure, if the first half power plant fails, the second can provide the electricity supply to the site (redundant operation).



    United Kingdom: 4 x 2,750 kVA at a major investment bank

    The data center of a major U.S. investment bank located in South London has a power plant consisting of four SDMO® generator sets of 2,750 kVA.

    The generator sets in a soundproof container (ISO 45’ High Cube), have an extremely low noise level (70 dB(A) 1 meter away). They are equipped with MTU 20V4000 engine and a Leroy Somer alternator 53 UL 9 (11 kV). The control section is via Kerys Tactil control cabinets for synchronizing the generator sets to reach a total power output of 11,000 kVA used to back-up the data center in case of failure of the national grid. This huge project provides the opportunity to expand the plant to 8 identical generator sets.


    An SDMO® backup system for a Data Center in the heart of Sydney

    In Australia, the headquarters of KAZ Group, the market leader in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is located in the heart of Sydney. This building and its Data Center, located on the same site, have an SDMO® backup generator set.

    The 450 kVA generator set inside a soundproof hood is equipped with a Volvo TAD1631GE engine and Leroy Somer alternator LSA472M7.

    The noise level of the generator set is 70 dB(A) 7 meters away. It has an additional fuel oil tank allowing it to keep running for over 10 hours before refueling, with the possibility of refueling from the ground floor of the building. The remote surveillance and monitoring aspects are made possible via a Telys box incorporating Wintelys software.




    SDMO® Industries was founded in 1966, and is now the market leader in France and the world’s 3rd-largest manufacturer of generators. The company designs, manufactures and markets a range of standard generator sets from 1 kVA to 3,000 kVA, which meet all power requirements and are suitable for every application.


    The expertise of the company’s Engineering department enables SDMO® Industries to supply power installations made to measure for more specific requirements. The company manages each project holistically: from the design of the backup power system to installation, including even maintenance services on site. The vitality of its service policy also ensures the sustainability of its operations worldwide.



    For further information or documentation, please contact:

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