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    SDMO®’s rental product range on display at INTERMAT 2015



    SDMO®, the French market leader and the third largest manufacturer of generator sets worldwide, will present its product range for the rental market, and in particular its Rental Compact line, at its stand (hall 5B, aisle J028) at the Intermat trade fair to be held from 20 to 25 April 2015 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte.


    The leading French manufacturer of generator sets, SDMO® has been developing products - designed and manufactured entirely at various plants in Brest - for 50 years. The European market leader thanks to a range that includes both standard and specialised solutions, SDMO® also offers products designed to meet the requirements of the rental market.



    The SDMO® rental range

    The rental range combines all the expertise of the leading French manufacturer and contains products tailored to meet all kinds of requirements:


    Portable Power: generator sets (3 to 7.5 kVA) that feature a reinforced chassis ensuring ease-of-use, robustness and safety.


    Lighting: lighting towers for use on building sites or on the road that provide a source of light even in isolated locations.


    Event: generator sets (250 and 318 kVA) integrating high-performance, noise-reduction technology to meet requirements for events and urban environments.


    Rental Compact: Stage III (15 to 550 kVA) generator sets offering ingenuity, compactness and high levels of performance.


    Rental Power: mobile generator sets (20 to 700 kVA) available in a wide range of outputs and fitted with tailored options (filter/ separator, adjustable differential protection, battery main switch, drainage pump, voltage control potentiometer, etc.).


    Contenergy: high-output generator sets (715 to 2,500 kVA) enclosed in containers that provide sound insulation and designed for large-scale construction sites.



    Rental Compact, the mobile power solution

    Designed to ensure easy handling, safety and high levels of performance for users, SDMO®’s Rental Compact line includes around 20 generator sets.


    These include the 50 Hz Stage III versions, which meet European Union standards and the 60 Hz versions which are aimed at the markets of Latin America, the Middle East and European countries outside of the EU. Today, SDMO®’s Rental Compact products can be marketed worldwide and meet the specific requirements of each country in terms of frequency, emissions and output.


    Acclaimed by rental companies

    In June 2014, on the sidelines of the IRE (International Rental Exhibition) trade fair in Amsterdam, the ERA (European Rental Association) and its 14 associations, representing 4,300 European rental companies, presented SDMO® with an award for its Rental Compact range. This honour, which recognises the best companies and products in the industry, highlighted the outstanding shock resistance qualities of the Rental Compact generator sets, recommended for construction sites in extremely difficult conditions. The Rental Compact products also ensure a certain level of safety for users, especially during handling, connection and operation. Thanks to their ergonomic design, carefully crafted by the SDMO® design studio, they ensure rapid access to consumable and mechanical components which have to undergo regular maintenance and cleaning.



    R1400C et TECHNIC 15000TE: two flagship products on display at the trade fair

    SDMO® will focus on two products from its range at its stand:


    R1400C: a 1,400 kVA generator set integrated into a CIR20 Dry container with sound emissions of just 80 dB(A) at 1 metre. It is fitted with a Mitsubishi S12R PTA engine which combines robustness and reliability. It can be used for various applications thanks to its dual frequency.


    TECHNIC 15000TE: a three-phase generator set with 14.40 kVA output fitted with a Kohler twin-cylinder, air-cooled petrol engine. Designed for intensive use, it is the ideal solution for the rental sector and conforms with EU regulations, in particular on sound levels (only 87 dB(A) at 1 metre).


    Founded in 1966, SDMO® is the French market leader and the third largest manufacturer of generator sets worldwide. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets reliable and high-performance energy access solutions offering various “premium” ranges of generator sets of all outputs as well as power systems tailored to various applications. Pursuing a policy of constant innovation, SDMO® is recognised as the leading power system company and is continually strengthening its position internationally thanks to a dynamic development strategy combined with extensive market expertise. Possessing in-depth technical expertise, SDMO® offers state-of-the-art solutions in response to the most demanding requirements.


    For any further information please contact:

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