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    The SDMO® philosophy put on screen in a new corporate film


    Shown in January to its entire workforce, the new SDMO® corporate film perfectly illustrates the French manufacturer’s expertise and international presence. Combining user profiles with various examples of application in a wide range of different locations, this video portrays the global activities of the world’s third largest manufacturer of generating sets.


    When conveying its New Year’s wishes for 2015 to its entire workforce, SDMO’s® executive management unveiled the group’s new corporate film. Perfectly reflecting the company’s philosophy, this film provides an insight into the areas of expertise of SDMO® whose extensive portfolio enables it to meet the requirements of various sectors: manufacturing, banking, data centres, transport, the food industry and health care. Various examples of SDMO® generating sets in situ have therefore been filmed in various parts of the world, sometimes in the most remote locations, without reliable energy supply and where extreme conditions put SDMO® equipment to the test.

    Thanks to its subtle style and high-quality footage, this production conveys the premium positioning of the SDMO® brand and its products, ranging from the smallest generating sets to highly specific global solutions. It features people with a wide range of user profiles who, although they come from different backgrounds, share one thing in common: the everyday use of SDMO® equipment. At the end, it outlines SDMO’s® entire business activities in a sequence that is magnificently put together.


    Available in two versions, a long, silent version (4 min.) with inserted text and a short version (1 min. 30 seconds) with a voice-over, this new corporate film can be seen :

    on the homepage of the SDMO®website :

    and on YouTube :




    Founded in 1966, SDMO® is the French market leader and the third largest manufacturer of generator sets worldwide. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets reliable and high-performance energy access solutions offering various “premium” ranges of generator sets of all outputs as well as power systems tailored to various applications. Pursuing a policy of constant innovation, SDMO® is recognised as the leading power system company and is continually strengthening its position internationally thanks to a dynamic development strategy combined with extensive market expertise. Possessing in-depth technical expertise, SDMO® offers state-of-the-art solutions in response to the most demanding requirements.


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