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    SDMO® is once again at the Middle-East Electricity trade fair in Dubai



    The Middle-East Electricity trade fair, which will take place from 2 to 4 March 2015 in Dubai (UAE), presents an opportunity for companies operating internationally in the energy, lighting, renewable energies and nuclear sectors to showcase their product portfolios and new offerings. The Middle-East Electricity trade fair is the place to be to make a big impression on an audience essentially made up of decision-makers from over 100 countries.




    The third largest manufacturer of generator sets worldwide, SDMO®, is of course taking part and will exhibit representative products from its portfolio, and in particular the X1400C generator sets, at its stand in S1 (Sheikh Saed Hall 1), aisle F50.


    An international presence to meet local requirements

    With a presence in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its own distribution network run by a sales office and storage facility located in Dubai, SDMO® is able to respond rapidly at local level but also more extensively in this part of the world where operating conditions are often extreme. Thanks to a second sales office in Cairo, Egypt, SDMO® effectively helps to resolve the problems faced by industry professionals throughout the Middle East with a wide range of solutions. Regarded as a key player in the energy market in this part of the world, SDMO® will be at the Middle-East Electricity trade fair, with a 120-m2 stand highlighting the company’s full range of expertise.


    SDMO® - solutions that make the difference

    Developed based on specifications from the Power Products range or specially designed to meet specific applications, SDMO’s® power solutions are available in various configurations, even under the most extreme conditions:


    PORTABLE POWER (auxiliary power supply)

    Generator sets from 0.9 to 15 kVA which are easy to transport, domestic generators, welding sets and electric pumps designed for private users or professionals.


    POWER PRODUCTS (adaptable power supply)

    Standard and modular generator sets from 7.5 to 3,000 kVA which make up SDMO’s® industrial range. They cover a very wide range of applications.


    RENTAL POWER (portable power supply)

    Generator sets from 2 to 2,000 kVA and lighting towers meet the specific requirements of the rental market and construction industry. Rental Power includes an ultra-quiet “Event” range.


    POWER SOLUTIONS (meeting specific power requirements)

    With its engineering department, SDMO® develops and designs unique solutions tailored to individual circumstances for specific applications (projects carried out based on a holistic approach, with technical follow-up).


    A preview of the X1400C

    Amongst the numerous products on display, reflecting the extensiveness of its portfolio and expertise, SDMO® will exhibit the X1400C generator set at its stand (S1 F50) as a preview. From the Power Products > 700 kVA range and recently added to its portfolio, this set offers the special feature of being equipped with an MTU motor, 2000 G06 series. More cost-effective, thanks to lower consumption and larger intervals between maintenance, this generator set stands out on account of its outstanding compactness/output ratio.

    The X1400C is highly recommended for use in extreme conditions. It does not require any derating up to use at 40 °C and 400 m of altitude.

    Finally, this solution has extremely impressive load impact recovery.

    SDMO® is continuing to develop this product range and in the course of 2015 will unveil a full range of generator sets with MTU motors in the 2000 G06 series from 830 to 1400 kVA: X830C / X900C / X1000C / X1100C / X1250C.


    Technical characteristics of the X1400C

    • 1375 kVA - application stand-by

    • 1100 kVA - continuous application

    • Single-stage turbo

    • Coupled heater

    • Common-rail injection with high-pressure pump


    Special features of the X1400C

    • More compact with the same output

    • Improved TBO

    • Lower consumption

    • No derating up to 40 °C  400 metres


    Founded in 1966, SDMO® is the French market leader and the third largest manufacturer of generator sets worldwide. The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets reliable and high-performance energy access solutions offering various “premium” ranges of generator sets of all outputs as well as power systems tailored to various applications. Pursuing a policy of constant innovation, SDMO® is recognised as the leading power system company and is continually strengthening its position internationally thanks to a dynamic development strategy combined with extensive market expertise. Possessing in-depth technical expertise, SDMO® offers state-of-the-art solutions in response to the most demanding requirements.


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