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    KOHLER-SDMO at Intermat 2018: promotion of a range dedicated to the rental market

    SDMO Industries, the leading French company and 3rd largest manufacturer worldwide of generating sets and power plants, designs both standard and bespoke solutions. With its motto of "an energy response for all power levels and all applications", both the acknowledged expertise of the manufacturer based in Brest and the most extensive range on the market are highly valued, notably in the rental and construction sectors, thanks to the variety of high performance solutions structured to cover all market demands.


    In this context, it was in 2017 that SDMO Industries made important changes to its Diesel Silence range for rental applications, making the generating sets quieter, easier to handle, safer and more effective in construction and rental applications. SDMO Industries notably fitted them with a retention tank, a multi-socket pack and a lifting ring plus the option of a reinforced trolley kit. KOHLER-SDMO now also offers a complete Portable Power Stage V range that complies with the European regulations coming into force at the start of 2019. 

    Additionally, KOHLER-SDMO is presenting the first Rental Compact generating set model fitted with a STAGE V engine guaranteeing low emissions (gas and particles). Although the European regulations imposing the new standards do not come into force until

    January 2019, KOHLER-SDMO is already previewing the R44C5. It should also be noted that the manufacturer has combined this engine-focussed development with other improvements in order to continue meeting the demands of the rental market, such as the supervision option launched in 2018. See it at the stand.

    Finally, the STAGE 3A Rental Power Compact range from KOHLER-SDMO will continue to be available until the end of 2020 and the end of 2021.

    Pragmatism, ingenuity and industrial capacity constitute the fundamentals of the Rental Compact range. The 3 pillars underpin the design of products that combine compactness, robustness, resistance, modularity, ease of handling and performance - all properties keenly sought after in the construction and rental markets.

    Find all the generating sets of the range on the KOHLER-SDMO website, on the construction and rental page:

    KOHLER-SDMO launches 2 competitively priced lighting columns fitted with LED projectors. The especially compact RL10 (2300 x 1530 x 2330 folded or 9000 unfolded) is designed for urban construction sites in the European Union. A low-noise solution (74 decibels at 1 metre), its diesel engine offers 70 hours of stand-alone power. Turning to the RL4500-3 (165 hours of stand-alone power of 2.3 kVA and 76 decibels at 1 metre), it is ideal for extreme conditions throughout the world. 

    Regarding containerised generating sets, the ideal solution for construction sites, within its Rental Power range for 2018 SDMO Industries is offering power levels of between 800 and 1500 kVA stand-by in 20’ dry containers. Exploiting its extensive experience in industrial ranges, KOHLER-SDMO has decided to fit the range with new KOHLER engines co-developed with Liebherr. The enhanced engine power density enables the company to offer the construction and rental markets even more compact generating sets (20’ dry containers) that fully meet their demands, with low fuel consumption and especially low emissions.



    About KOHLER-SDMO. Founded in 1966, SDMO Industries is today the leader in France and the 3rd largest manufacturer of generating sets worldwide. The company designs, manufactures and markets standard generating sets ranging from 1 kVA to 4200 kVA, which meet all power requirements and adapt to all applications. KOHLER-SDMO also puts its engineering expertise into practice to meet the most specific demands by designing tailor-made power plants. The company offers a complete turn-key service: from the design of the power plant to its installation, including on-site maintenance services. The dynamism of its customer services policy thereby guarantees the long-term operability of its facilities throughout the world.

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